Namman Thai Boxing Liniment – 60ml Muay Thai Oil



Namman Muay (or ‘Muay Thai Boxing Liniment or oil’) is a herbal linment made from botanical products from Thailand. Its main active ingredients are known to reduce inflammation and aid in blood circulation. A side benefit is that the wintergreen scent is believed to open nasal passages thus helping to improve oxygen intake while increasing alertness.
Namman Muay is a warming agent which prepares the body for strenuous activity, or aids in helping the body recuperate. Also aids in maintaining consistency in training and strenuous activity by helping eliminate or reduce nagging aches and pains. Namman Muay is used by sport and massage therapists.
Developed in Thailand as a sports medicine ( namman muay ) and used by Thai Boxers for backache, arthritis, bruises, & sprains. Each bottle contains 60ml. Contains Water, Methanol (1.25% – Methyl Alcohol), & Methyl Salicylate (31%).

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