Christchurch Judo

Judo is a combat sport created by Jigoro Kano as a physical, mental, and moral pedagogy. Originating from Ju-Jitsu, it emphasises the ability to throw an opponent to the ground, immobilise them with a pin, or force them to submit with either a joint lock or a choke. Training is carried out in the form of randori, or free practice, separated primarily into groundwork and standing techniques, with shiai, or competition, being used as a testing grounds for your own personal ability.

As an exceptionally demanding yet rewarding martial art, Judo has the potential to enhance many aspects of your life, ranging from establishing self-defence skills, to building a disciplined mind, to joining a supportive community, to keeping you healthy. Drop the idea of spinning nunchucks and come and take a fall with us today.

Christchurch Judo Dojo